When you suffer from allergies or asthma, even the smallest particles of dirt can trigger your symptoms. This is why you have to spend plenty of time cleaning your home and making sure that even the most inaccessible corners are completely spotless. It can take hours to finish everything and you have to do this every week, so you could use some help.

A hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner will do the job for you and it will make your home cleaner than ever. The Eureka Boss Smart-Vac is an example of vacuum cleaner that will make a huge difference, not only because it is easy to use but also because it has amazing features. This article will help you understand the most important advantages and disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner!

Eureka Boss Smart Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner


It is obvious that this vacuum cleaner is bigger that many other similar products on the market, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing unless you allow it to. As a matter of fact, regardless of its size this vacuum cleaner is very easy to use both on hard floors and carpets. What does this mean? Every corner of your house will be allergens-free in no time, even the parts that are usually hard to reach.

  • Because it has an adjustable 7 heights brush roll, you can count on this vacuum to take away even animal hair which is usually very difficult to clean by a normal vacuum cleaner. Plus, you can adjust the brush depending on the type of carpet that you are cleaning at the moment.
  • The vacuum has on board tools and a stretch hose that will help you reach the high places that you usually don’t see. You will be surprised to notice how much dust is gathered there! With the Eureka Boss Smart Vac you can clean perfectly the painting on the walls, the top corners of the rooms and the top of high furniture.
  • The cord is 30 foot long, a simple feature that becomes very useful when you have to clean a large home and you don’t want to plug and unplug the vacuum every time you move to another room.


The most important thing when buying a hypoallergenic vacuum is not how your house looks on the surface, but how well it cleans it and how clean the air is. From this point of view, the Eureka Boss Smart vacuum is everything you can wish for, as it does a great job in cleaning the floors and the air in your home.

  • Because it is featuring a special sealed HEPA filtration system, this vacuum cleaner will not only suction any invisible piece of dust or debris, but it will also keep it inside. This is something that regular vacuum cleaners don’t do, that is why your home feels dusty after you are done cleaning.
  • The Boss Direct Air Control System allows you to switch the suction from deep cleaning to easy cleaning. Yes, it will use different suction powers depending on the type of floor that you are using, and this will come in handy when you have to deal with heavy, fluffy and deep carpets that are full of debris that you can’t actually see.
  • The Power Paw power tool that comes with the vacuum will assist you in keeping your symptoms under control even if you have a pet in the house. No, you don’t have to clean the carpets manually every time to be sure that you got rid of the hair!
  • It suctions most of the dirt particles that are present in your home thanks to its great suction power. It does the same good job when it comes to the particles that can be found in the air you breather; for sure you can’t see them, but you can feel them. It is very uncomfortable to be in a room where the air is full of dust and it is tricky to keep your allergies under control when this happens.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you are the one who needs to clean the vacuum cleaner and you have allergies or asthma, the idea of getting in contact with the dirt inside is probably terrifying. That is why so many people prefer vacuums like this that store the dirt in a container instead of a bag. Replacing a bag can be difficult, but emptying a container is usually easy if it has a good opening system.

What can be considered a disadvantage is that you have to clean the hair from the brush roll periodically if you want it to function as well as it did in the beginning, and this might be difficult for someone with allergies.

Apart from this, you will not have to spend money every month on vacuum bags, not to mention that the ones that store the dirt perfectly inside are usually pretty expensive. Invest money in a good vacuum once and forget about this problem for the next few years!


The Euroeka Boss Smart Vacuum is affordable for anyone, especially if we consider its features that could easily place it in the expensive category. However, it has a medium price that is completely worth it for its quality and performance.


  1. It has a good suction power that will clean different types of floors, including heavy and deep carpets.
  2. It has accessories that will facilitate cleaning in difficult places and on different surfaces.
  3. The power cord is long enough to be comfortable and the hose can extend enough for you to reach in high points; this makes cleaning very comfortable.
  4. Although it is large, it is easy to use no matter how big or small your house is.


  1. You have to clean the animal hair from the brush roll periodically.


If you don’t have a pet or you don’t have a problem with touching animal hair (or there is someone else to do it for you) this vacuum is great for the price. It will do the job and you will use it with ease.

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