Allergy Free Vacuum Buying Guide 2017

When you suffer from an allergy or asthma, even the most common things like how you clean the house becomes important. Anything can trigger your symptoms, so you have to be sure that there aren’t any dangerous particles around. Regular vacuum cleaners are not strong enough to clean all the dust, so you need something specially designed for people with your problem.

There are many hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners on the market, but not all of them are fit for your needs. If you don’t have much knowledge in the area and you want to buy the best appliance for you, check out this allergy free vacuum buying guide.

The Price

When it comes to your health, the price should be the last thing to matter. Even so, you have to be sure that you don’t pay more than what it’s worth, so you should study the offer of different stores before you make a purchase. Don’t forget that some online stores offer products for a very low price only because those products are fake; don’t expect to pay a few bucks only for a professional hypoallergenic vacuum.

You can buy a vacuum with as less as 20$, but you can’t really trust its ability to clean in perfect way. Apart from this, most of the vacuums who are so cheap are made from bad materials that won’t survive for long if you use it daily. On the other hand, a good and professional vacuum can reach to a few hundred dollars, but unless you have a really large house to clean or you want to splurge on something, there isn’t a good reason to spend so much on a vacuum.

Between 50 and 150 $ you can find excellent devices that will clean your house properly and will last for a long time. If you want something to make your life easier, invest in a small robot; they can be more expensive than regular vacuums but you will not have to spend any time cleaning, as the robot will do all the job alone according to your schedule and preferences.


No one is expecting for a vacuum to last forever, but you should put it to good use for at least a few years before you have to think about changing it. Unfortunately, many of the products that are on the market today are made from weak materials that look good but don’t last enough.

You can tell the quality of a vacuum from its price, but this is not the only thing that matters. When you want to buy a vacuum try, as much as possible, to see with your own eyes the device instead of ordering it online. Any appliance looks good in the picture, but in reality you can tell if the plastic that the vacuum is made of is really high quality or it will break the first time you drop the vacuum from your hand. If you buy a robot, this aspect is even more important, as very often robots touch the corners of the furniture or run over small objects while cleaning. You wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on something that looks good but gets broken after two months, right?

To be sure that you are buying the right thing, make sure that the company is offering a guarantee for the product for at least one year. Cheap companies will not offer this as they know that their products won’t last, but professional ones trust the quality of their vacuums.

The Brand

We so used to buy expensive products only because they belong to a certain brand, that sometimes we forget that small, unknown brands can be as good or even better. Should the brand matter when you buy a new vacuum?

Well, you do have to stay away from fake names that try to imitate popular brands. These products are usually made in improvised factories with cheap materials and they offer no guarantee or papers whatsoever. If the vacuum gets broken you will have no alternative than to buy a new one, as they don’t offer a replacement. If you don’t know if the brand you want to buy is good, think about the place you are buying the product from: is it a well known website or store? Is the seller a company or just an individual? If you are planning to buy a no-name vacuum from a strange website and the seller is an individual with no professional qualifications, chances are to get scammed.

With this being said, there are many small, unknown but serious brands that are worth considering. Many of them are known in other countries but not in your own, that is why they might seem strange at first. If their products have a decent price, a professional website and they offer a guarantee or free service, then you should definitely investigate and find out more about their products.

Big brands usually offer good quality, but sometimes they don’t care if they lose a clients or two so they will not offer good service. Go online and see what kind of experience other buyers had with a certain popular brand; if there aren’t many complains, you can buy your vacuum without any concern.


Once you decided how much you want to spend on a vacuum and what are the major brands that interest you, it’s time to decide what kind of vacuum you want. There are several types on the market and each one of them is good in a different way.

First, you have to consider if you want a vacuum with a bag or a container to store the dirt. The vacuums that store the dirt in a bag are easier to use for someone who suffers from dust allergies, because you don’t get in contact with any of the particles while cleaning the appliance. You just have to take the old bag out, throw it away and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, this will increase the maintenance costs of the vacuum and you will find yourself spending quite an amount every year for vacuum bags. Apart from this, this type is not great for the environment unless you want to splurge or biodegradable bags.

The vacuums that have a storage container are the best if you want to save money, but they can be dangerous to you if you are the one who has to do the cleaning. If your allergies are very severe, getting in contact with dust when you empty the container can trigger your symptoms. Besides, you will also have to clean the container after you’ve emptied it to make sure no bacteria or fungus grows there.

The vacuums who have a storage container also come in two types: the ones with a dry filter and the ones with a wet one. The ones with a wet filter are always preferable as they mix the dirt with water so mud is created. When you empty the container there won’t be any particles flying around, so you can do it without worsening your condition. On the other hand, you have to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the container, as mold grows very easy in wet containers.

The last but not the least, you must decide if you want a regular vacuum or a robot. In general, regular vacuums have a better suction power than robots, and you can clean every area of the house with them. The curtains, the top of the furniture or the corners of the rooms also need cleaning, and it is impossible for a robot to get there. However, for someone who does not have much time for cleaning this can be a real struggle.

A robot, on the other hand, will do all the work without any effort from your side. All of them can be programmed to start cleaning at a certain moment of the day and to clean in certain areas of the house. The advanced ones will even return to their charging stations by themselves when the batteries are low, so you don’t have to worry about doing this by yourself.

Do You Have Pets?

There is a very important reason why you should consider this aspect before buying a vacuum. Most of the people who suffer from allergies or asthma have troubles dealing with animal hair, especially if we are talking about cats or dogs with really long fur. Apart from this, animals go outside quite often and they bring back in the house a lot of dirt that can affect your health. Regular vacuum cleaners can’t clean animal hair properly, so you will have to either do this manually every other day or give up your pet.

Vacuum cleaners that are pet friendly have a special kind of brush that will collect and store animal hair from any surface, including fluffy carpets. The pipe of the vacuum will not be clogged with hair and it will pass smoothly into the container. If the vacuum that you want to buy does not have a specific option for pet hair or it does not come with a special brush for this, chances are that it will not clean it in proper way. Invest in a vacuum who has this option so you don’t have to give up your beloved pet.

The Shape

Is the shape of the vacuum really important? Yes, it is. Depending on your preferences and the size and arrangement of your house, this can make your job easier or much more difficult.

Canister vacuums are among the most popular ones, and they are usually better for hard floors than they are for carpets. Since they have a long hose you can reach in any small space, under the furniture and in high places. They have a pretty good suction power and they are less noise than the upright vacuums.

The Upright vacuums are comfortable to use and they have a great suction power, but they can be tricky to maneuver if you live in a small house with a lot of furniture. Also, you can’t reach under furniture and you can’t lift them to clean in high places. Most of the new ones have a very sleek design and they have only a few kilograms, but the old ones are pretty heavy and it can get uncomfortable to clean with them.

Stick vacuums are by far the most comfortable, but they don’t have a great suction power and they might not be suitable for someone who suffers from allergies. They are very lightweight, very thin, easy to use and store anywhere in the house. The majority of stick vacuums have a small container that you can empty, and rarely you will find one that requires a bag.

Robots are small, easy to use and perfect for those who don’t have time to clean. They come in different shapes and sizes and some of them have special features that allow them to clean the stairs or the corners of the house. Since most of them can’t clean in perfect way, you should consider taking a few hours per week to clean by yourself even if the robot is working continuously.


After all of this you still might not be sure what is the best appliance for you, so there’s only one thing left to do: go to a store and test some of them. Once you feel them in your hand and you find out how they work and how easy you can use them, you will not have any doubt regarding which one you should buy.

Remember that this is an investment worth making, so don’t rush into buying the first device that looks good and makes little noise. Sometimes, what seems to be heavy and old looking proves to be the best for your condition, and your health is more important than the way the vacuum looks, feel or costs.