Hill Anderson

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Many people believe that vacuum cleaners are just another device to have in your home, and for a while this is what I thought also. To be honest, for a big part of my life I did not imagine that vacuum cleaners will become a very important part of my professional activity, but life took me to places that I did not expect. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was curious about the way the vacuum works, how can I make it better and more important:  why people avoid getting one when they are so comfortable to use? I wouldn’t imagine having to clean the carpets with a conventional broom, so it was in my best interest to keep the vacuum in the best possible condition. As the time passed and I grew up, I started to notice that our vacuum cleaner works better when I hold it in a certain position, when I clean it regularly and that it works differently on carpets than it does on hard floors.

As you can imagine, the room I lived in during college was always full of people and we weren’t exactly very careful with the way we ate or slept, which meant that the floor was almost always messy. After I ignored the situation for a few months I decided to do what any responsible adult would do: to buy a vacuum cleaner.

To my surprise, I had plenty of devices now to choose from. The vacuum in my home was old and noisy but the new ones I found could clean the floor of my small bedroom in a matter of seconds. This was enough to trigger my passion again. When the vacuum cleaner broke, I refused to take it back to the store and ask for a replacement; I knew I could fix it by myself, which I did. I became interested in the way vacuum cleaners are made, how they function so well and what could we do to make better ones in the future.

Years passed and I finished college, so now it was the real deal: I had to choose what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Of course, I had the chance to join many small companies but apart from the fact that the salary was not great, there was nothing there to keep me interested. I did not want to deal with numbers and charts all the time, and clearly I did not want to help my superior work on boring presentations. I wanted to do what I love: improve and study vacuum cleaners and other similar devices.

After a while I found a company that really understood my passion and I got hired without too many hopes. Pretty quickly people started to notice my dedication and I got advanced; now I am a sales executive and I do what I love the most: I help people understand what is the best device for their home and how they can improve their life with the help of such a simple thing like a vacuum cleaner.

Do I go around explaining people how often they should vacuum their home? Of course not. Apart from my passion (that might be strange for some) I also have a family, two beautiful children and a wife who is very happy that I am taking care of the vacuum in my home. As you can easily imagine, we enjoy having different new devices and trying them all, and sometimes I ask my family to try a new product and give me their feedback. In this way I can find out first hand and with complete honesty (believe me, my children can be painfully honest sometimes) if the device I want to promote is actually good or if I should search for something else.

In my spare time I love doing research online and writing articles that will help people solve different problems in their home. There are families that suffer for years because of allergies and their problems come to an end when they find a good hypoallergenic vacuum; there are others who feel relief when they can finally clean their carpet properly and they don’t have to worry that their toddler will spill food and they won’t be able to clean it. For some, these are small things, but for others they matter so much.

I am more than happy to do what I love and to discover every day new vacuum cleaners that me and you can use them to make our life easier. You want to know why a certain device is good for you or how you can get rid of dust from thick carpets? I am here to answer all your questions!